Why choose Easyway?

1. Extensive Online Avertising - All of our properties are advertised online at RightmoveZoopla, Prime location as well as many other online property portals. All properties are given time as an Easyway 'Featured Property' on the home page of our new updated website which using the latest technology is mobile & tablet friendly to show your property at its best at all times. 

Market your property today and recieve our "Premium Marketing Package" worth £260 for Free

Premium marketing package includes - Rightmove & Zoopla  premium listing, Advert in Northumberland Gazette, Boosted advertising on Facebook (15000 view +)

2. Social Media - We utilise social media with all of our properties advertised on Facebook & Twitter reaching thousands of potential buyers at the touch of a button. 

3. Database - Our comprehensive database allows us to match up potential buyers to properties instantly. "It's good to talk" and this is our preferred method of communicating with our buyers database, sometimes pictures and details don't tell the whole story, but we can!

4. Property Brochures - All of our property brochures are completed in house, so with your help we can tailor the most effective brochure for your property, with the high resolution pictures of your choice showing the property in its best light.

5. Local Agent - Despite the need for online and social media advertising, most homebuyers live locally and the importance of local branch office is of paramount importance. Our recently refurbished office sits in a prime location at the head of Amble high street, with a visibly prominent widow display. Our doors are always open for chat, with the well stocked coffee machine, water cooler and occaisional sweetie tin.

6. Viewings - Sometimes a good viewing with the right answers given can be the difference between a sale or not. At Easyway we work with the owners to offer advice on how to best sell their properties, and if required we are happy to conduct accompanied viewings on behalf of the vendors, which are all undertaken by our trained staff who know your property.

7. Advertising -  Making sure potential buyers know your property is for sale is the most important factor, so at Easyway we have developed low cost enhanced advertising packages to suit all budgets. We will discuss all of the options available and tailor a specific advertisng strategy for your property, whether it is online or in the press.

8. Our Commitment - Easyway are committed to achieving the highest possible price for your property in the shortest time. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than agreeing a sale, knowing we have helped both parties achieve their respective goals. 

Contact us today to discuss your selling needs, and leave the rest up to us

Thats the Easyway!