Tips for selling

Everyone wants to sell their property quickly and for the best price. Over the years we have sold numerous houses and with that experience we have built up a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t work, what should be done and what shouldn’t done.

With that experience we have compiled our top 10 tips to aid in the selling of your home.

1 - Disassociate

It’s your home and has been for years, you have so many good memories here, the kids have grown up in this house, remember when we decorated the kitchen.......Stop! You’ve made the decision to move, so now you need to sell this house and the best way to do this is to disassociate yourself with the property. For the time being take emotion out of the equation and treat the house as an object you need to sell, and not the family home you’ve lived in for the last 20yrs. By making the decision to “Let Go” of your home you can be impartial and begin making decisions based on what will help sell your house and not what would be best for yourself or your family. Don’t look back look forward!

2 - De-Clutter & De-Personalise

 Potential buyers need to see themselves living in your property, and this can be difficult if every room is packed with personal belongings, family pictures, ornaments, keepsakes ........ You’ve made the decision to move so start by packing away all personal items along with other items not used on a daily basis into the loft, at a relatives or into storage. Large furniture items not used can be put into storage to maximise the space in the rooms. Focus on the hallway, this is the entrance into your home and will give the first impression of how you live, clear away coats and shoes and ensure the first impression is positive, the kitchen, ensure all benches are clear of none appliance items, dishes are cleaned and in the cupboard, bins don’t smell, Tea towels are clean and neatly folded, The Bathroom, hide all of your personal products and ensure all fittings are cleaned. Throughout the property try to remove as many personal items as possible, pictures, posters, ornaments, toys, etc this will maximise the space available and allow potential buyers to imagine their own belongings in the house

3- Freshen Up

A fresh coat of neutral paint can transform a room, and allows potential buyers to see a blank canvas from which they can express themselves and grow into the property. If your budget allows, look to update tired looking vinyl flooring or tiling, or simply clean the grout with some bleach to give it the new look once again, think about the lighting, would a new light shade add more light, are the curtains too dark in this room, does the woodwork around the property need freshened up. Remember you don’t need to redecorate with new colours and themes, simply going over your existing coverings will make the rooms look newer.

4 -Cleaning

There is nothing more off putting than walking into house which simply just needs a good clean. Ensure all floorings are hoovered and cleaned, hire a carpet cleaner if required, particularly if there is any pet hair or smoking issues within the house. Both the kitchen and bathrooms should be immaculate and inviting as experience shows that its these 2 rooms which have the biggest impact on potential buyers. Hiring professional cleaners to give the house the once over would be money well spent however this will need to be maintained until the property is solkd

5 - Rearrange & Organise

Like or not potential buyers will look into your storage areas and scrutinise your furniture placements. Ensure all items within cupboards are stored neatly, this includes kitchen and bathroom cupboards as this will also give the viewers an insight into how the property may or may not have been looked after. Rearrange or remove furniture to maximise space for potential buyers, it may not suit your lifestyle but try to think about how it will be seen through their eyes. Think about your target market, if you aiming at families, try and show bedroom space and play areas within the house, family dining may be important or socialising areas.

6 - Repairs

 The taps been dripping for a few months now, the bulb in the garage needs changed, those pin holes from old pictures, the kitchen cupboard doesn’t close properly. All minor jobs which get added to the “I’ll do them later” pile. Its the minor repairs though that stand out like a sore thumb to any potential buyers, instead of you spending a bit of time making them right, they are thinking “if that needs done and this needs done what else needs done” . Your house should look clean, tidy and most importantly well maintained.#

7 - Curb Appeal

Once you have the inside of house sorted, take a walk outside and have a look at what your house looks like on the walk up to it. Do the gutters need cleaned, does the front door need painted or a new handle, what about the weeds in the path, is the grass too long, can you make out the house number on the door, what about the missing roof tile. This is the very first impression of your house, and if the outside the property is in disrepair with an overgrown garden, you may have lost a sale before they walk through the door.

8 - Scrutinise

 You’ve worked hard, the house is immaculate, the garden is picturesque, you’re ready for viewings. Stop for a minute and take a step back, try and distance yourself from the property and imagine yourself as a potential buyer visiting the house for the first time. Drive up to the house, walk down the path, into the hallway, onto the kitchen, living room etc look for problems, ask questions you would ask when viewing a property. Be honest with your appraisal and if required make amendments, if you find this difficult, ask friends or family to give their opinion, ask them to be honest about any improvements which can be made, don’t take it personally they are helping you to achieve you goal, to sell your house.

9 - Viewings

This is it, your first viewing, you’ve done the hard work the house looks great but now you need to show this to the potential buyers. Ensure the house is clean and free from toys, pet bowls etc, sweep the path outside, no weeds have sprouted, if possible leave the pets with a neighbour, turn on the lights, a quick blast with air fresheners, and air out the house. Easyway will happily perform accompanied viewings if you prefer, however if not relax and follow this short guide. Have a pre arranged route to which rooms you would like to visit with the best rooms first or last, don’t overload them with information such as the make, model and installation date of the boiler unless asked and never point out any issues or problems, highlight the positives such as the quiet neighbourhood, off street parking, or the south facing garden and give accounts of personal accounts of how you used particular areas of the house or future plans you may have had there. Once you have guided them around the house, offer them the chance to take another look on their own, but be on hand should they need any questions answered.

10 - Advertising

The wider your property is advertised the better the chance you have of finding a better. Easyway always recommend a For Sale board as this sometimes will attract buyers who had no intention of moving but may have always been interested in your area. Ensure that your property is marketed sufficiently online and also use social media as word of mouth can be a powerful tool