Homebuyers report/Surveys

What is the difference between a Building Survey and Homebuyer Report?

A RICS Homebuyer Report (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) or Home Survey is conducted by an RICS qualified surveyor, who carries out a detailed visual inspection of your property or the one you want to buy.The report that you are suppplied withfollowing the inspection uses easy to understand traffic light ratings so you can clearly see the property's conditionand any areas of concern.

Includes comments on the condition of the property, provides guidance to legal advisers, highlights any urgent defects, insurance rebuild costs, a market valuation and advice on defects that may affect the value of the property with repairs and ongoing maintenance advice.

A Building Survey is the most comprehensive home survey and is therefore ideal for older properties or if yo are planning major works. This report includes all the aspects of a Homebuyer Report apart from the valuation, as well as a more in depth analysis of the condition of the property. The report contains detailed advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options.

A Homebuyer Report is generally better for properties that:-

    *    Were built within the last 100 years

    *    Are of more conventional design

    *    Are built from common building materials

    *    Are in reasonable condition

A Building Survey is generally better for properties that:-

    *    Are much older and built more than 100 years

    *    Have undergone major extension or alteration

    *    You plan to alter in the future

    *    Properties that are much larger and offer extensive accommodation

    *    Are of non-traditional construction


Can I carry out a home survey myself?

This is definitely a job for the experts, and there are lots of achitectural faults that are simply invisble to the untrained eye. However when you view properties there are a few things you can look out for yourself, including:-

     *    Cracks in walls and ceiling

     *    Signs of damp, such as mould

     *    Holes in the woodwork, possibly caused by woodworm

     *   Light shining through gaps in the attic/loft

     *    Missing tiles on the roof

     *   Check window frames for sign